Sunday, March 23, 2014

Give Me Give Me A Blazer After Midnight

A few blog posts back, I wrote about my best mate Janelle and a blazer that she had given me.

With the cooler weather, I've finally had a chance to wear it!

Lately my boyfriend has been calling me his "shamble" girlfriend. At the moment, everything in my life seems to be going wrong. Not big, life changing things - but about a million little things. A lot of it has to do with being disorganized and prioritizing the wrong things, but then there's other mishaps - like being two hours late for an engagement party because the shower wouldn't shut off (I'm talking full-pelt, boiling water). Lately is seems like my life has been in a total state of disorder. This blog post was no exception. I have been so busy lately, so my blog has taken a backseat. I was so excited to finally be taking some photos again, when it started POURING down with rain 20 seconds into our session. My boyfriend and I legged it to the nearest shelter (a Supercheap Auto shop), where I stood shivering and dripping wet, my freshly washed and straightened hair dripping around my face.

So long story short, I only got three decent photos, all from the same angle, of this outfit. I usually check over the photos before we leave our "shooting location" as well, and had I done that, these photos would have have been retaken with my petticoat adjusted so it is not showing (there's a whole 3 inches of lace showing that shouldn't be). Well, shit happens. 

Now about the outfit. It's a genuine vintage 80s blazer, size 18. The turtleneck skater dress is from ASOS, the standard range, size 18. Very stretchy. My boots are Docs of course. My tights are from the Razzamattaz Curvaceous range (size 2), but they went into the bin later that day because they kept falling down and I got a ladder in them. I'm giving up on this brand for good. The City Chic tights are lovely to wear, and soon I'll be placing a few online orders and trying some other brands (Sonsee and We Love Colors spring to mind).

What is your favourite brand for plus size tights?

Thanks for reading! x

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Aussie Beach Babes #4: Fun In The Sun

We're down to last few weeks of summer here in Australia. I'm not really a "favourite season" kind of person - I like all the seasons because I enjoy the variety. By the end of winter, I'm soooo ready for summer, and by the end of summer, I'm usually super excited thinking about scarves and boots and jackets. Regardless of that, I think I'm a little more sad than usual to say goodbye to summer and all the fun I've had in all my gorgeous swimwear from Swimsuits For All.

Swimsuit: Swimsuits For All, 
Beach Belle Aqua Floral Plus Size V Neck (here)GIFTED
Necklace: Lovisa
Headscarfe: Oh Honey Hush (here)

Enjoy the last of your summer, ladies! Thanks for reading xx

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