Monday, March 23, 2015

Aussie Curves: Bridal

Last year one of my best friends, Ali, got married. We house shared for several years, a ramshackle unit on a beach in Adelaide. I still miss those days. Now Ali lives interstate and I'm a home owner with my partner, so life is very different and grown up now. Janelle was our other housemate and bestie, and she now lives in the Northern Territory. The wedding was the first time we'd all been back together in Adelaide for a while.

I was thrilled to get a phone call from Ali asking me to be her bridesmaid on her special day. If you've ever been asked to be in a bridal party, I'm sure you can understand the sense of honour and privilege you feel.

Discussions and planning commenced pretty quickly, and I suggested we use Light In The Box to select and order our bridesmaid dresses. I'd seen other fashion bloggers review the site, and I was keen to try it. It seemed too good to be true. Just send in your measurements and the dress is posted out to you, for a ridiculously reasonable price. Yes please.

When the dresses started to dribble in, we were all a little nervous to hear from each other about how they turned out.The dresses themselves were beautiful, but all of us needed slight alterations by a dressmaker at some point. I found my dress far too long and the shoulders kept falling down. Also, the plunging neckline was embarrassingly revealing! However, a family friend was able to fix all of those issues. Even though the finished product was gorgeous, I got the impression from the dressmaker that dresses from places like Light In The Box can be really tricky to work with because of how they are made. Something to keep in mind.

I had such a marvelous day and loved being a part of it with my best friends. Ali is the most beautiful bride I'd ever seen, and the day brought out a lot of unexpected emotions. I have a lot of love for those two girls.

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Aussie Curves: Investment Piece

When someone says "investment piece", my first thought is LEATHER. Trendy plus size leather items are kind of rare, aren't they? Maybe I've just been looking in the wrong places, but I have the most luck with ASOS Curve. I have a pencil skirt, dress and two jackets - all in leather - from there. Each item cost more than what I'd usually pay for clothes, but are beautiful to wear and will be in my wardrobe as long as they continue to fit me (and even then, I'll probably hold onto them). 

The most versatile item is this black leather jacket. I was a bit apprehensive about the wide shoulders and was prepared to send it back if I didn't like how it looked. I kept it, though! I wouldn't mind getting another black leather jacket in a different style down the track, one day.

sunglasses ASOS || boots DOC MARTEN || necklace COLETTE

I wore this outfit to my uncle's 50th birthday dinner. Here's a photo of me with my fella. The couple next to me is my sister Chelsea and her boyfriend. We had a lovely night at the Seaford Hotel, which has been renovated. The meals were delicious!

Where do you get your quality leather plus size items?

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

When You Try To Defend Tess Holliday on Social Media

Sometimes I feel like I live in a bubble of body positivity. I almost never experience harassment or concern trolling for my weight. I'm pretty sure it's not just because my friends are awesome, but also because the people in my life are generally pretty good and aren't rude. Also, I haven't been down Hindley Street on a Saturday night in a while, haha. 

Tonight I was absolutely stunned to open up Facebook and see that a friend had commented on a post about Tess Holliday. This post was written by someone I don't know - but a quick stalk told me we have 14 mutual friends. Don't you find it totally weird when that happens? Like, how can I not know you if we have 14 mutual friends? During my teenage years I attended a really big church, so I think that's where the connection is. 

She wrote the following:

I'm not convinced with all this 'self love' stuff with Tess Holliday. Don't get me wrong, I'm absolutely supporting ALL self love and self confidence but a part of 'self love' is 'self respect' and this girl is NOT respecting herself. In a day and age where we know know so much about health and nutrition (let alone being in an obesity epidemic) she's blantently showing no respect to her health or her followers. Not meaning to offend anyone but majority of her supporters and followers are probably overweight themselves and looking for some excuse as to why they don't have to face their own demons. Everyone's beautiful, but not everyone respects themselves and to me...that's not a beautiful trait. If Tess Holliday REALLY wanted to do something positive with her body image, she'd call out to all her followers and start a life transformation! Because the universe/god gave us one body and how disrespectful to let ourselves get to this point! All the supporters are just basically saying to the PLUS PLUS PLUS size model 'oh Tess it's okay your disgustingly obese, but so am I so we can take comfort in each other and tell each other we're perfect the way we are so we don't need to face the harsh reality of nutrition and exercise'.
If you really love yourself, you'd focus on your health. Would you feed your children disgusting foods and let them ignore exercise until they were this obese? I doubt it, because you love them.
Tess does not love herself. She loves that people are saying it's 'okay' to be fat. End of story. 

The friend who commented had written, "I 100% agree. She's not curvy. She's unhealthy and obese. She's the cover girl of what not to love which is an unhealthy attitude to looking after your body. If she loved herself she wouldn't destroy herself."

I was happily wrapped up in bed, the TV on, a nice cold drink nearby and I could hear Jeff in the shower. I was feeling happy, content. 

And then the bubble popped.

I just sat there, phone in hand, stunned. 20 likes. Her post had 20 fucking likes and one share. A chill crept up my spine.

I began to read through the rest of the comments. I was thankful that two people stepped in to offer up their disagreement but her response was not one of contrition.

I think you girls have missed the point a little I mentioned in my post - I'm all for self love and there is no way that I'm saying one person is better than another. All I'm saying is - self love is more than words and makeup... due to medication and diet (diet being something that could change if YOU wanted) im not talking about just food or even Tess's husband or child. Often that's a classic 'mum' thing to when they start a family...gain weight because they are giving most of their love and energy to their family and therefor they themselves miss out on the 'love'. I don't have a perfect body! And that me not loving myself completely. But I'm am always encouraging healthy diet and lifestyle to my friends and family. Tess isn't. She is obese and date I say much larger than a size 22. Sorry but it's rather disgusting.
Another wrote, "To be honest I have A LOT of friends who are over weight making really bad food choices. A vegan cake is still very bad for them, just because it is vegan doesn't mean it is healthy!!"

I'm sure you get the point, but the thread became this space where a group of women spewed forth their disgust over fat bodies and unhealthy lifestyles. As the comments unraveled, I felt like Bridget Jones when she's talking to Rebecca - the social jellyfish. "Being with Rebecca is like swimming in holiday sea full of jellyfish: one minute all lovely, next minute lashed as if from nowhere."

Like seriously, what is wrong with people? 

I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep until I'd had my say, so I stayed up and wrote a carefully worded response - stealing snippets from The Militant Baker and Gabifresh. No one will see it until morning. I wonder what the reaction will be. I don't think I care.

I think sometimes I take it for granted that I've lived and breathed body positivity for a few years now. I've read the canon of BoPo books (Health At Every Size, etc). I've educated myself and surrounded myself with the right people and blogs. So when this kind of vitriol comes out of nowhere, seemingly, and from people that are in my circle, I balk. 

There's nothing worse, nothing more smug, than people on their healthy high horse.

I was at work last week and someone had left a library book on the desk. It was a non-fiction book on smoking and its history. The page I opened up to said, 

Adolf Hitler launched the first anti-smoking campaign in the world. Magazines and newspapers were filled with warnings of the dangers of cigarettes. One magazine asked, "Brother national socialist, do you know that our Fuhrer is against smoking and thinks that every German is responisible to the whole people for all his deeds and emissions and does not have the right to damage his body with drugs?"

So there you have it. Living proof that you can be healthy and have "concerns" for how other people are damaging their bodies, and still be the world's biggest asshole. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Aussie Curves: Style Inspiration

One of my favourite plus size bloggers is Danielle Vanier, based in the UK. On her blog, she writes, 
The main aim for this blog is to help empower you and to inspire you to feel confident through your choices in clothing and accessories. I want to help inspire you to feel confident about your body (what ever size/shape you are) and to show you that there are beautiful clothes out there, no matter what size you happen to be. I have very rarely let my size affect my style or sense of self worth and if I can help at least one person feel great about themselves then I know I have done a good job!
Well, she has definitely made me feel great about myself and this outfit certainly helps! When I first saw this photo of her on my Instagram feed, I was pea-green with envy (check out her blog post here). I couldn't believe how much I loved this outfit, and I was on ASOS right away trying to replicate the look. I was able to find the exact leggings, but the other items I found were just slightly different. For example, the New Look Inspire "Nothing To Wear" top is a T-shirt, not a sweater.

Also, today is the second of March and let me just say THANK GOD IT'S AUTUMN. So I might actually be able to wear this outfit out and about soon. I'm all about Autumn and Spring - mild weather is where it's at! I'm just not into the extremes, not one little bit. Also, I have a feeling that the faux fur collar is going to be all over the place come winter. I feel like I'm seeing it EVERYWHERE! I am soooo on trend, teehee. 

cardigan: river island via asos || leggings: asos curve || t-shirt: new look via asos || shirt: asos curve

My style inspiration is the bloggers that I follow. I highly recommend signing up to Bloglovin' if you haven't already. You get email updates daily, telling you which bloggers have posted new content. It's wonderful!

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