Friday, September 4, 2015

A Pop Of Colour

I thought I'd pop onto my blog today to write a post because I have some outfit photos that I haven't written about yet, and I suddenly realised how long it's been since I did this. I'm sitting at the table with some crackers and pate, contemplating a cup of tea, and I actually feel nervous. Will I remember how to do this? It's a little hard to explain why I've neglected my blog because there's a few factors involved. But mainly it's because it's harder during winter when there's no daylight saving. Also, I've become more shy with taking photos in public places, but I'm sick of my backyard as the backdrop. Perhaps the most honest reason is that my fashion choices are more conservative these days, or just plain lazy and convenient - and therefore boring! Having said that, I do have some bloody awesome pieces that are yet to be blogged. I have some big non-fashion news to share too, so I'll make sure I take some time to do some catch up posts.

I've been excited to blog this particular outfit because this skirt from Missguided is so damn awesome. It's a pencil skirt, but the red tartan fabric belt is attached, which means I can feel a bit more comfortable about my VBO (visable belly outline) - not something I have amazing confidence about. 

The long cardigan is from City Chic and the plain black tee from ASOS. All together, the outfit is very 90s, which I kind of love, and the red belt gives it just the right pop of colour. 

I love a lot of the clothes on Missguided, so it's a shame they don't have a larger plus size range, or a quicker turnover of new stock. They seem to keep outfits up for ages, even though they are sold out in all but one size. I also found their website very difficult to navigate on Firefox for some reason. I had to use Safari to finally checkout. But that might just be issues with my browser version, perhaps. I have to say, I love the sizing though. Quite generous - probably on par with the ASOS Curve brand.

What has been your experience with Missguided?

Thanks for reading! x