Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Why I Can't Swim Laps In A Halterneck

As a lifelong hater of exercise, it's taken me a long time (not to mention courage) to find an activity that I felt I could stick with for the long term. Finding suitable swimwear was half that battle. I quite enjoy that swimming is the one sport where one is encouraged to wear as little as possible! I actually used to hate that and I wouldn't be caught dead anywhere in the water or on the beach without some daggy t-shirt over my swimmers. My, my, things have changed. These days I'm like a chubby little seal.

Anyway, for my first few visits to the pool, I wore my favourite (at the time) swimsuit from Pin Up Girl Clothing (you can see that one here). During my swims, I noticed my back starting to ache. At first I thought it was just my body getting used to moving but after untying the halter, I felt instant relief and realised that the halterneck was more of a "beach" choice, where it has never given me any problems. I love this swimdress because it feels soooo comfortable (yet supportive). It's my favourite for swimming laps in.

SWIMSUIT: Swimsuits For All (here) Gifted

I bought this swimming cap on one of my eBay surfing adventures. I feel like one of those chubby pin up calendar girls when I wear it, teehee. Watch out Hilda!

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